gadgets de cuisine qui me rappelent mes amis (kitchen utensils that remind me of my friends)

La Saint Valentin, c'est fini, et oui. Mais vous savez quoi?  Y'a pas que le 14 Fevrier que l'on peut offrir quelque chose aux gens qu'on aime. Si vous compter des "foodies" dans vos amis, c'est facile d'offrir un petit cadeau qui vous rappelera un bon souvenir. Regardez donc dans ma cuisine par exemple:
Valentines Day is over, yes. Butyou know what? It's just on February 14th that you can give a little something to people you love. If you have "foodies" amongst your friends, it's easy to give a little gift that will remind you of good memories. Look in my kitchen for example:

Mon mortier. Merci Mr M x
 Mon fidèle pinceau de cuisine. Merci Mr et Mme "Bon Pantalon" x
 Ma nouvelle empreinte a Petits Beurres. Cadeau de Noel de cette annee de ma petite soeur Cam x
Mon vieux moulin a cafe,un peu comme celui de mes grand parents x
Mon petit bol en coeur, thanks Mr and Mrs D x
Ma cloche a desserts - Merci Beth & James x
 My little spotty jug, ah Mrs M you know me well x
  Mon fouet de fée des cupcakes. Qui m'a ete offer par MD il y a quelques années a l'occasion d'un week end de fillesa Paris x

Et, plus qu'un accessoire. Le placard de mon papi et ma mamie x


et j'en oublie surement d'autres que je recouvrirais au fil du temps....

Et ca n'arrive pas qu'a moi. J'ai demande a Bruno Breillet (Bruno French Bakes) quel etait son ustensil de cuisine prefere- il n'a pas resiste a m'en donner 2!

(ah oui, en anglais, ca fait travailler!)
 I'm not a great believer of promoting brands i use in the kitchen, but i will however recommend a specific one if it has fulfilled the criteria of longevity and usefulness all round.
Everything i do in the kitchen nearly stems from my grandmother. So to use a Le Creuset cast iron 'cocotte' means a lot to me. First of all, my grandmother never called it a cocotte but a 'Coquelle'. Nearly 80 percent of all Sunday meals were made in it.
She has had hers for nearly 80 years now and they are just as good as new. Major nostalgia for the days spent in the kitchen when these wonderful devices were used, as a plethora of French classic dishes were lovingly stewed, roasted, seared in them. Yes you can do all that in a Le Creuset Coquelle. That good. And I've not yet started talking about the smells that filled the kitchen  while it was cooking in 'la coquelle'. Thanks granny to have taught me how to cook in this essential piece of kitchen equipment.

Second piece of equipment that reminds me of my grandmother is definitely the 'Moulin a legume/purée'.
This one isn't brand specific, just any will do. It was mainly done to make purée, accompanying a veal or beef roast, and it just made the best purée that called for that rich jus.
Everybody theses days are searching for the best method to do the smoothest and creamiest purée yet lightest. Well, quality of ingredients aside, look no further.
Invest in a Purée Mill, you won't regret the results. It's not the easiest piece of kitchen equipment to store but it makes a huge different if you're a lover of taste. So invest in one!
Again, thank you granny for the knowledge. One doesn't have to look or search too far to get to the right taste... in fact, granny may well have the answer. Give her a call, her food techniques and heritage may surprise you!

Merci a tous mes amis et famille qui transforment ma cuisine en beaucoup plus qu'une cuisine!

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